Very few days come remotely close to your wedding day.  Why not look, and feel your absolute best?  The J.Hilburn Experience offers that.  Coordinating your look, feel, and fit with a personal stylist can have you on your way to perfection when the day arrives.

The J.Hilburn Experience

J.Hilburn obsessively re-engineered menswear to provide men with a custom-made wardrobe that fits – fits his body, fits his personality, and fits his lifestyle. By engaging directly with our Clients, we invest into our fabrics, factories, and Personal Stylists to provide a custom-made wardrobe at best-in-class prices.


Whether you need a custom-made tuxedo, suit or casual coat and trousers or even custom jeans for a destination wedding, J.Hilburn can help.  We strive to deliver custom garments in less than 4 weeks.

Our innovative supply chain relies on the strength of our partnerships with world-renowned mills and factories to source quality fabrics and push the boundaries of production lead times for your garments.


Looking to outfit your groomsmen or other members of the party? As a Personal Stylist I’m passionate about helping men discover the confidence-boosting power of custom-made garments.

I’ll meet with you, at your convenience, to understand your clothing needs and assess your fit and style. Whatever your needs are for the rehearsal dinner, wedding or honeymoon, it’s a snap with J.Hilburn.

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